Individual Counseling

Have you ever wondered if you would benefit from attending individual counseling?

That is to say, have you felt overwhelmed with the stress of daily life?

Similarly, do you experience days of feeling down or not like yourself?

Moreover, do you seek personal growth or self-acceptance?

If any of these topics have crossed your mind, therapy might be the right fit for you.

With individuals, we will explore your struggles and identify your strengths. As a result, you will begin to experience more of what you want and take small steps towards personal growth.

Since I provide counseling within a relational framework, I understand that people face problems in the context of relationships with others. As a result, I believe our lives can be affected by outside influences. That is to say, there are times that we will begin with individual counseling and transition to family therapy. For example, an individual may begin counseling to work on self-esteem and recognize the need to incorporate a family member into therapy.

Individuals begin therapy for many reasons, including:

  • Coping with grief or loss
  • Struggling with anxiety or depression
  • Relationship or family issues
  • Career uncertainty or work stress
  • Difficulty with a life transition
  • Experiencing life stress or overload
  • Feeling lost and disconnected
  • Seeking self-acceptance
  • Lacking self-esteem or negative body image

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