Services Provided

I provide counseling services to children, couples, families, and individuals within a relational framework. I understand that people face problems in the context of relationships with others. As a result, I believe our lives can be affected by outside influences. That is to say, there are times that we will begin with individual counseling and transition to family therapy. For example, an individual may begin counseling to work on self-esteem and recognize the need to incorporate a family member into therapy.

Additionally, I use play therapy with children and parent-child interaction therapy with parents. When your child’s tantrums feel overwhelming and frustrating, I help guide and direct you towards confidence in parenting.

Since I apply Gottman Method Couples Therapy when working with couples, I support couples to build a deeper connection from arguments and anger in their relationship.

Due to the use of evidence supported therapy, I feel confident when working with children, couples, families, and individuals. When life seems chaotic and confusing, therapy with me can provide a happier and more fulfilling life.

At Relational Family Therapy, my main goal is to create confidence in individuals and positive engagement within families. Similarly, I aim to build communication and connection between couples and playful interactions with children.

Areas of Focus


Through the use of play therapy, I work with children on a variety of concerns. That is to say, children can work to increase expression of feelings and explore school challenges, sibling relationships, and grief.


I work with couples to build a strong and lasting relationship. Specifically, this includes dating, premarital, or married couples looking to strengthen their relationships and increase intimacy.


I focus on helping families understand family life-cycle transitions, such as bringing home a new baby. Additionally, I work to strengthen the parent-child relationship through parent-child interaction therapy.


With individuals, I focus on developing self-awareness and personal goals for overall well-being. For that reason, we look to balance challenging relationship dynamics and create work/life balance.

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