Child Therapy

Have you ever wondered if your child would benefit from attending therapy?

That is to say, has your child displayed difficulty with impulse control, expression of feelings, or coping skills?

Similarly, does your child express challenges in peer or sibling relationships?

Has your child experienced a life transition, such as a new sibling or death in the family?

If any of these topics have crossed your mind, therapy might be the right fit for your child.

I have been working with children and families since 2010. Additionally, my specialized training in play therapy and parent-child interaction therapy has provided success in working with children and their families.

Play Therapy

For children, play therapy allows them to express their feelings through play and toys instead of words. That is to say, play therapy is to children what counseling is to adults. Although everyone benefits, play therapy is especially appropriate for children ages 3 through 12 years old.

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Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Parent-child interaction therapy is an evidence based treatment for young children. Specifically, parent-child interaction therapy works well with children who are emotional and behavioral challenges.

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